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Forum for Kundeservice Ledelse p?dansk  

What's New

"Erlang measurements - the customer prison"

"Engaging the Customer- why Net Promotor Scoring is a better KPI".

"Introduction to Net Promoter Score in Call Centres"

"Call Center Basics" how to improve service delivery.

KPI Seminar in Copenhagen - August 2016

L鎟 om brugen af Key V鎟di Indikatorer, som hj鎙p til at synligg鴕e v鎟dien af Kundeservice i resten af organisationen, samt brug af Net promotor Score. If you're interested please send us an Email to nk@.

Learn how to use Key Value Indicators as a help to make visible the value of Customer Service to the rest of the organisation.

The KPI Corner. Help with your KPI's. A service to Customer Service managers. "Why Web-based Self-service fails the customer" an interview.

"Farewell to Customer Service-automated self-service center"

Jack Welch Inspirational pages
Personal view of The Call Centre Industry in South Africa
KPI-hj鴕net. F?hj鎙p med dine KPI'er. Service til danske kundeservice ledere  Call Center Productivity Introduction to the Coaching Culture Call Center. ""
My personal support to America and the War against Islamic terrorism.
About Resource

EBITDA -CAC - Adding value to the corporate balance sheet

The Case Files
Real case stories, starting with the famous GE-Call Centre files. White Papers, Call Centre studies from around the World.
Contact us

Sad anecdote - Dell Help D India

Managers Files
How to get a grip on the job of Call Centre Manager.
Articles new and old relating to the many skills required to run a successful Call Centre
Speaking and Seminar services

"The Flawed Business Model" - How Customer-Wallet Focus took over from Customer Focus".

Call Centre Managers Research Files
Important research especially for Asia Pacific. Don't miss.

Call Center Management – Taking the customer out of the service delivery equation soviet style

Call Centre Files
Articles on operational issues. People Management & HR, Measurements & Controls, Technology & Software, Training & Job Enhancement.
Web Sponsorship

The growing pains of India's Contact Centre Industry

Managers Bookstore - White papers, research & reports. New items added weekly.

First Call Resolution

Call Centre Links
Comprehensive list of rated Call Centre related sites. As more sites get added, only top rated sites will be listed

Myth & Reality of ROI's

CRM & Call Centres - The Internet Enabled Call Centre. The facts, the Visions & where we go from here.
  Value Creation in Call Centres. Benchmarking in Call Centres. A Comprehensive guide of how to improve your Call Centre. 
  British Airways - Customer Service at its worst Why Call Centres Fail. A Case study of 126 Call Centres. Food for thought.
  Call Centre Improvement series. Articles aimed at providing specific Know How to managers; Bibliography ( New Books ) & Archive
Continually updated list of books on Call Centres, Telemarketing, Customer Service and Help Desks. The Archives include all articles previously published on this site.
  Unions & Call Recording. Benefits of Call Recording Call Centre (Management) Associations. Here we list  CCMA's from countries all over the world with links to their homepage. Included is networking groups, informal councils, clubs.
  Monitoring & Call Evaluation Model. A practical introduction 'how to use Monitoring to improve Call Outcome'. Analysis of Employee Turnover & Job Performance for Call Center Representatives review of this interesting study
  Brisbane City Council Call Centre Case-study. World Class Customer Service. Statistics for the Call Center Industry (US). This collection of call centre research (true/false) is the most complete overview ever published.
  Why Customer Service Fails.  
  Myth & Reality about Contact Centres in India  
  The Toxic Call Center Not the way to go, but a route taken as a result of bad management practices.  
  Australian Call Centre boom, how it happened from 1996..  
  The Death of Call Quality Monitoring (sporadic call monitoring). How Quality lost its meaning.  
   Other Articles of Interest  
  Customer don't like talking to machines - Mintel GB research on consumers view of IVR + predictions on call centre growth.  
  Customer Complaint Handling US Federal Benchmarking Consortium Study Report.  

Last update: April 2016

Date:  April, 2016

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